norton razorstar 10

Norton Razorstar Belt - 2x36, 2x48, and 10" Expander Wheel

$12.50 each

Brand: Norton
Categories: Farrier Equipment, 2 x 48 Belts, 2 x 36 Belts, Abrasives/Buffing/Sharpening, 10" Expander Wheel Belts

Optimize your grinding performance with Norton RazorStar Fiber discs, featuring engineered shaped ceramic grain technology for the best cutting performance in the industry. Designed for medium to high pressure metal removal in the toughest grinding applications, Norton RazorStar discs feature 100% engineered shaped grain which cuts through metal with unbeatable performance. Norton RazorStar F990S is setting a new standard in grinding productivity, speed and life. Features Engineered shaped ceramic grain technology deliver unbeatable grinding performance, with the unique razor-sharp grain delivers extremely high cut rate, which continues throughout the life of the disc, while also providing a smooth finish The unique combination of razor-sharp grain along with supersized grinding aid helps to significantly reduce heat generation for cooler cuts and longer disc life A single discs design has been optimized for superior performance on all materials including carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and hard-to-grind metals Heavy fiber backing for additional strength and tear resistance

norton razorstar 10 norton razorstar 10

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