artimud hoof clay

Artimud Antifungal Hoof Clay - by Red Horse Products

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Brand: Red Horse Products
Categories: Horseshoes, Hoof Care, Farrier Appreciation Week, Hoof Repair, Hoof Packing, Hoof Care

Artimud can be smoothed, rolled, squashed, spread and moulded to stay in the area it was put so its active antibacterial, antifungal and protective agents can allow the area to heal itself up naturally. We have found it useful in the packing of many of the same cavities as Hoof Stuff (although not as effective in deeper, anaerobic cracks) but mainly in shallower white line cracks, frog clefts, external cracks etc. Use Artimud in shallower, more open holes/ cracks and Hoof-Stuff in deeper, tighter ones. Artimud is now commonly used as a packing material for use under stick on shoes and pads. Where it helps keep soles and frogs in great condition where they would normally get damp, smelly and soft. Artimud contains: Green french clay - an antibacterial clay which gives the putty the perfect consistency. Bio-active honey - for its antibacterial and antifungal qualities plus ability to make the putty sticky and pliable.. Zinc Oxide - a powerful, yet harmless antibacterial powder Eucalyptus oil - as well as being a highly effective antifungall, this essential oil assists in the toughening of weakened structures. All the ingredients in Artimud are there to either have an antibacterial/ antifungal effect or to improve the consistency and hence the longevity of its effect.

artimud hoof clay

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