3 Pocket Apron
3 Pocket Apron

HillCraft Farrier Apron - 3-Pocket

$155.00 Each

Brand: HillCraft
Categories: Horseshoes, APRONS AND APPAREL, Aprons

Hill Craft Light Aprons are made from quality Rip Stop fabric, durable leather patches and breathable backpack material to keep the sweat off your legs. The 3-Pocket apron features a large supportive back brace, three knife pockets, durable leather padded patches, and one magnet. This apron is available in two colors Black or Blue. They are available in either Long (29 inches Long and 2.7 lbs.) or Short (26 inches Long and 2.4 lbs.). These light weight aprons allow you to easy maneuver around the horse.

3 Pocket Apron Black 3 Pocket Apron

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